What is the MSA?

The Münsteraner Spelling Analysis (MSA) consists of age-appropriate cloze test that students fill out by hand. The incorrectly spelled words are entered online through the Lernserver Portal. Immediately thereafter, an analysis takes place based on a sophisticated combination of human judgment and machine processing. During the analysis, it is considered that errors are not simply viewed as "incorrect" but often stem from creative thinking processes. They provide important insights into the specific support needs of students. Questions taken into account include: In which phase of literacy acquisition are the students? In which area is targeted support required?

Learning Server Reading Test (TeDeL)

The Learning Server Reading Test "TeDeL" by Uwe Findeisen and Gisela Melenk is designed for students in grades 1 to 5. This test allows the assessment of whether students can read characters in a way that they can use the information as a basis for understanding. It can be used as early as the middle of the 1st grade, serving as an early warning system. It enables the determination, after approximately 6 months of school, whether children are on a good path in the development of their reading competence or not. This specific test can only be conducted in German.